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Why Choose Our Hospital Linen Laundry Service?

Our hospital linen laundry service can help you to save time and money, and free up valuable manpower for other roles within the hospital.

Your health care establishment probably produces a lot of laundry on a daily basis, with people needing changes of sheets, towels and pillow cases, patients needing fresh gowns, and staff needing to have uniforms cleaned to a high standard as well. While you could do a lot of that in house, it takes time, and it requires commercial grade cleaning facilities to keep up with the demand. Why go to that trouble when you could pay for a hospital laundry service that could do it for you.

Hospitals are not like hotels or even restaurants. You will need to deal with linen that is heavily soiled, and you will need to make sure that things are cleaned to the highest standard to stop the spread of infection. Garments and bed linen must be handled in a specific way to make sure that there is no risk of cross-contamination. In some cases, certain heavily soiled garments or linen may need discarded rather than being washed. It takes a trained person to know what can be cleaned and what cannot.

Hospital budgets are incredibly stretched these days, as patients have more choice about who to go with and what treatments they get. Staff members are heavily stressed and have limited time. It would be better use of their time to put it towards patient care rather than towards day to day jobs like cleaning.

Top Quality Hospital Laundry Service

We offer a professional cleaning service that will make sure that your whites are as white as possible, your colors won’t run, and every garment, towel or sheet will come out clean and ready for use.

This will improve the atmosphere in your hospital, improve patient satisfaction, and mean that people are more likely to come out of the hospital pleased with the cleanliness, professionalism and treatment. Our service will take a workload off your staff, and will save you money in terms of washing supplies and equipment wear and tear, as well as water and energy use too.

When you perform your next budget review, take a look at how much your laundry service is costing you, then take a moment to give us a call. We would be happy to discuss our services with you and we’re confident you’ll find them great value.

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