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Towel Laundry Service

If you own a hotel, gym, restaurant, salon, spa, or clinic then you might have your hands full because of the amount of towels you use that require cleaning. Depending on the type of fabric or the concentration of the stain in question you may or may not be equipped or have the proper resources to do the job in house. The proper equipment, cleaning supplies, and man power to get the amount of dirty laundry done that you are producing can come at a price not suitable for your business to remain profitable. Request a quote for our premium towel laundry service so we can save you large amounts of time, money, and hassles. Call Express Cleaning Service today.

Not All Stains Are Created Equal

At Express Cleaning Solutions laundry is what we do and we are equipped to handle every type of stain imaginable. State of the art equipment allows us to wash more with less human interaction which cuts costs. We also use premium products to quickly and safely clean all garments and linens and restore them to their original fresh and sanitized state. Because we clean laundry in bulk we buy our cleaning products in bulk which allows us to pass these savings on to you our valued customer.

How Our Towel Service Benefits You

  • Industrial Equipment – Provides you with professional results
  • Premium Cleaning Products – To insure your laundry meets your standard
  • Automation – We pay less so you pay less

That all adds up to getting all of your towel laundry services done for you at a great price and at your convenience.

Top Quality Towel Laundry Service Can Save You Time & Money

Give Express Cleaning Solutions a call to get a quote custom fit to your needs and start saving money today on your towel cleaning needs.

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