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Uniform Laundry Services

At Express Cleaning Solutions we believe we can save you time and money by providing you with a streamline cost effective way to get your uniforms cleaned.  Uniforms are worn by police city workers, county workers, police officers, fire fighters, etc. All these have laundry needs but this can be very time intense and costly. Having clean uniforms lets others know that employees take pride in themselves and their work but getting these garments clean and pressed week after week can sometimes be a hassle for some people. We provide uniform laundry services within a thirty mile radius of Los Angeles.

How We Clean Your Uniforms

Using industrial sized washers we have the capacity to wash ten times the normal size of any residential front loading washer to launder more clothes at one time which makes the job more efficient and cost effective which lets us pass on savings to you our customer. Only premium products are used so you are sure to get your uniforms back fresh, crisp, and clean. Most of the operation is automated requiring less man power again saving us money which allows us to charge you less for your laundry needs.

Custom Priced Uniform Laundry Service Near You

We are Express Cleaning Solutions. If you are within a thirty mile radius of Los Angeles give me a call to see if we can give you a competitive quote to save you time and money when it comes to getting your employees uniforms laundered. We will pick up and deliver your uniforms free of charge if you are near me. Call Express Cleaning Solutions today.

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